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2021 Dancer registations

Please navigate to www.irishdancing.org.au/registration to register your dancers for 2021


 Anti Bullying Statement 

- Bullying and unkindness, whether physical or emotional, are entirely unacceptable at any dance school. It conflicts sharply with the school’s principles and will always be treated seriously.

- Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, which intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally.

- Bullying can take many forms (including cyber-bullying via text messages or the internet).

- If you feel that you are being bullied, or are concerned about bullying, please contact your teacher immediately.


The AIDA Irish Dance Travel Bursaries have been established to assist dancers to travel overseas to compete at major Championships. If you would be interested in sponsoring a bursary please contact AIDA - secretary@aidainc.com

Please take a few moments to read what the travel bursaries have meant to these 2019 Champions.